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Design and Installation Alternatives


Gravel trench or bed Type I systems:
These systems are either pressurized or gravity systems utilized based on soils drainage types.  This system is generally used on sites with well drained soils.  These employ mainly concrete double compartment tanks and/or high quality plastic tanks as required.   Utilizes all CSA approved materials.   These are the least costly systems to install, as BWWSE has developed a very efficient method of installation.

The most common type I septic system is the gravity system.  This simple system is adequate for most moderate sized homes on an average site.   This system is the most cost effective.

Pressurized systems are used when there is no site to put a drainage field below the level of the residence or when the system has over 1000 square feet of infiltrative surface for large residences. 

In-ground Type II Treatment systems:
There are two types of Type II systems including gravity and pressurized.   Generally this system is required on restricted sites.   Restricted sites include small lot sizes, soil restrictions such as slow drainage, and problems with flow and vertical separation to restricted layers such as bedrock, clay soils or high water tables.

Our preferred system is the Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter system.  This system has the most even distribution of effluent for an in-ground system.   This system has an easier installation with less cost for both material cost and installation time.

This system can be used for either gravity or pressurized but a pressurized installation is preferred because it is more efficient.  If an engineer is required for a Type II system due to proximity of water bodies, we have access to a reasonably priced engineer for design work.

Our staff are always willing to discuss alternatives to the Elgin Type II treatment systems.

Type II Treatment Plants:
This treatment system is a self-contained sewage treatment, which will produce Type II or Type III effluent with the addition of ultra-violet exposure.   These plants utilize a smaller disposal field.   The sewage is treated prior to reaching the native soils and can be used adjacent to lakes in place of the Type II in-ground system or when prescribed by an engineer.

The Bio-cycle Treatment Plant is an efficient system with a simplistic design.  The Biocycle employs a plug’n’play system with 4 compartments in one tank.   This system has a simple installation and comes with one year free maintenance.

Please contact us to determine the system that is right for you.



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