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Common Problems, Tips and Suggestions


System Odors:
1:  Consider installation of an ‘activated charcoal filter’ on house plumbing vents.
2:  There should be very little to no odor with a Type II Treatment Plant.

Required Maintenance:
1:  Follow the operating and maintenance plan provided at the time of installation.
2:  Septic tanks should be pumped on average every 3-5 years.
3:  Only biodegradable products should be introduced into the on-site wastewater systems.
4:  According to the SSR (Sewerage Systems Regulations) of B.C., a Certified Maintenance Provider must do the maintenance, according to the operation and maintenance plant provided by the designer.
5:  Filters should be cleaned/replaced by property owners, once a year, as instructed by a qualified ROWP.
6:  Keep disposal of fats, oils and grease, into the system, to a minimum.

Keeping system costs to a minimum:
1:  Well maintained and up to date sewerage systems add value to property and homes.
2:  Utilize CSA approved materials.
3:  Ensure installer is a certified ROWP.
4:  Ask for references from the installation company.
5:  Research the effectiveness of the available appropriate systems.
6:  Consider size of home to be built, which reflects size of required system.
7:  Consider building site and location of home on site.

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